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Feel the power of the unforgettable experience of driving a Supercar on the roads of Italy.


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Milan, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

About the Event


Day 1: Milan - Luxury Vehicles - Verchelli - Turin "City of Kings

Gathered all up we will get our luxury vehicles and then briefly we will drive in the direction of the town of Vercelli Vercelli Italian risotto growing center. During the spring and summer months, the rice paddies are flooded with water, the numerous tributaries of the Poe River, and the spectacle on the roads that cross the lush fields is spectacular. Observe the rice growing fields and stop at a local farm for lunch with an Italian chef, for the splendid risotto. In the afternoon we will continue our journey to the historic capital of Italy and the city of kings - Turin.

When we arrive at our hotel we will organize and take a first acquaintance with the city's central sites. At the end of the tour, we'll sit down in one of Turin's famous cafes, with the beverage invented in Turin - the bichrin - coffee with hot chocolate and whipped milk, or enjoy fine Italian aperivo such as Aprol Spritz or Campri. Dinner at a great local restaurant. At the end of the meal you can spend time at a local club.


Day 2: Turin - Lake Orta - Lake Como - Lugano (Switzerland)

This morning we will leave Turin. We will leave the city by driving for a day trip to the lakes area. We will stop along the way in one of the amazing area forts, for a coffee break and homemade pastry. We will continue driving to the small and unpainted lake - Orta Lake, and the picturesque town of Orta San Giulio. Watched together with the local painter on the island of San Julio in the center of the lake, enjoying the stunning scenery and enchanting alleyways. Lunch spot on the lake shore. At the end of the meal, we will continue our drive towards our hotel in the Lake Como area. In the afternoon there is free time to organize, rest, and enjoy the facilities of the hotel. In the evening, we will drive towards the Swiss border and arrive at Lugano. (Don't forget passports !!) Dinner in Cassino followed by time to enjoy the slot machines at the roulette and blackjack tables. Late at night we would cross the border back to Italy and drive back to our hotel on the rise.


Day 3: The "Balcony of Italy" - Lugano - Lake Maggiore - Isola Bella - Milan

This morning we will drive along the west coast of Lake Como. Exalted to an amazing view from the balcony of Italy - Balcone D 'Italia and a rooftop view of Lake Lugano and Lake Como. We will continue the journey and reach the Swiss / Italian city - Lugano. A glittering and charming town on the shores of Lake Lugano - the capital of Ticino County. We will stroll through the alleys of the Old Town and along the polished promenade and be impressed by an Italian-speaking Swiss town. We will continue south along Lake Maggiore, and will reach the town of Straza. Going to the beautiful Isola Bella Island, visit the impressive palace and breathtaking gardens. Lunch at a local restaurant. At the end of the visit, we will return to the city of Strazza, and continue driving to Milan. Transfer to our hotel. In the evening we will have dinner and a night out at the club - Just Cavalli.


Day 4: Milan - Ferrari self-driving on a racetrack - Shopping Center - Milan 

Free morning in Milan. Getting to know Milan is the Italian fashion capital. A walking tour of the "Golden Square", Milan's central fashion district - streets all dedicated to the world's largest fashion and brand designers, learn about contemporary fashion and the new trends. Watch the local Duomo - the glory of Italian Gothic, cross the Vittorio Emanuel II Gallery and be impressed by the La Scala theater building, free time to enjoy the city shops, cafes and the unique chic atmosphere of the world's most important fashion city. In the afternoon, we headed for a race track south of Milan. Get on the Ferrari 458 and Ferrari 488 and take the self-driving lap (3) on the track, alongside a professional Formula racing driver. We will take our day at a huge shopping center in the area to celebrate shopping to end our trip.

A trip with luxury cars in Northern Italy | Ferrari | Shopping | Culinary

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