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A special trip among the traditional Christmas markets.

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Milan, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy


About the Event

Day 1: Milan - Venice - Trento - Bolzano Region

In the morning we will go to Venice from Milan. After landing we will head to the city of  Trento, the capital of Trentino County . We will visit the ancient center, its impressive palaces, Romanesque cathedral and bishop's palace. We will visit the Christmas market and feel the approaching holiday atmosphere. After visiting Trento, we will continue to our hotel in the Bolzano area. Dinner at the hotel.


Day 2: Roncolo Castle - San Geneseo - Bolzano

Let's start the day with a visit to the famous Roncolo Castle in the secular mural cycle that adorns its walls. Join us for a joint lunch in the village of San Geneseo and then head down for a tour of the Old Town of Bolzano : Let's start at Walter Square, from where we will continue to discover Bolzano's unique architecture: narrow, long houses built perpendicular to the city's main vault street, Via Portici. Enter the Palazzo Mercantilla Museum of Commerce, pass through the spice market and end at the San Giovanni Chapel in the Romanian church. At the end of the tour, free time to tour Bolzano Christmas Market stands and the streets lit. Back to the hotel.


 Day 3 : Tirol Castle - Marano

Today it will be dedicated to the beautiful city of Marano, which served as the medieval capital of the Tyrol Counties. In the morning we went to visit Tirol Castle , where Rosani Tirol lived in the Middle Ages. We will visit the castle and be impressed by its secluded location, the Romanesque sculpture that characterizes its gates and the wonderful view from its windows. After lunch, we will take a guided tour of the city: We will start at the Baths Square and find out about Marano's development as a healing tourism city during the 19th century. We will walk along the winter promenade to the Roman bridge and end at the cathedral and vault street, Via Portici. Free time to visit the city's Christmas market. Back to the hotel. Dinner.


Day 4: The Pyramids of the Earth - Coreno di Ranon - Serantino

In the morning we will rise to Ramat Ranon . If weather permits, we will take a look at the famous earth pyramids : pointed stone pillars formed over millions of years. We will continue on the journey to Korno di Renon Cable Car with it rising to a height of 2030 m. We will walk to the Round Table, a viewpoint from which you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the Dolomite ridges and the Austrian Tyrol. After lunch, we will return to the Serentino Valley , where the Alpine Avento is held. Back to the hotel. Dinner.


Day 5: Vipitano, Novacella Monastery, Brasnone

Today we will leave for the northernmost city of Italy, and Jefitano , which has for many years served as a place for the pilgrims who crossed the Alps on their way to Rome and Jerusalem. We will continue to visit the Novachella Monastery , a unique compound that stands on its 12th-century barge . We'll end the day at the city's Christmas market in Brasnone, visit the cathedral and its inner courtyard, which is all decorated with spectacular frescoes. Back to the hotel and dinner.


Day 6: Gardena Valley: Selva di Val Gardena - Ortisei 

Today we will ascend to the Dolomites and visit the Gardena Valley where the Ladinese people live. We'll visit Salva di Val Gardena , go up in the cable car (if weather permits) to view the jagged Sasso Longo peaks, continue on to Ortisei, the central town of the valley: enter the wood carving gallery and learn why and how this craft became the source of their livelihood Residents of the area. Back to our hotel and dinner.


Day 7: Roberto - Milan

Today he said goodbye to Alto Adige Province and vows back to Province of Trentino . We will reach Roberto,  who was the front point between Italy and Austria in the First World War. Enter into the Bontadi Cafe Museum, ascend Via Via Rialto to the Venetian Quarter, descend towards the Heleno River and observe the waterfalls and the "Turkish House" with its unique (wood-burning) woodwork. We will return through the vaulted street (Via Portici) and the craftsmen's workshops to the city center squares, where the Christmas market is held. 

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