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Reggio Emilia, Reggio Emilia, Province of Reggio Emilia, Italy

About the Event

Day 1:  Milan - Langirano 

In the morning we will take off for Milan. After the morning's first Italian coffee and after learning the secret of the 4 Espresso Italian, we will go to Emilia Romagna - Italy's culinary capital.


Day 2: Parmigiano Regano - Parma - Cooking Course

A day of culinary experiences in Italy's most delicious country. In the morning we will visit a PARMIGIANO REGIANO dairy. We will learn the secret of making the famous cheese that everyone loves to sprinkle with the pasta. We will meet the salt ponds and the mountains of the aging yellow clumps and of course enjoy its delights. At the end of the visit we will continue to tour the city of Parma on the spoils of Athria. At noon we will head to one of the renowned chef's restaurants. We'll meet our chef and taste some of his crazy tortillas. In the afternoon, free time to enjoy the beautiful city of Parma. We will continue to an amazing farm in the area, and we will meet our mamma, who from morning till evening prepares the most local dish there is -Tortelloni. We will study the preparation faucets and of course prepare them ourselves. Dinner from our hands. Back to the hotel.


Day 3: Balsamico - Modena - Cooking course 

This morning we will leave Modena Province. we will visit a typical local ACETO BALSAMICO TRADIZIONALE winery, which produces the traditional, thick liquid between 12 and 25 years. We can see wooden barrels in use for 300 years from generation to generation. We will not give up tastings ranging from balsamic aged only 12 years to balsamic aged 25 years. We will continue to Modena for a visit to the local market and meet our chef. Transfer to a hotel in Bologna. After a short rest, head out to the city center for a first-rate tour. Towards evening we will all gather at a local cooking workshop and learn the Bolognese cooking faucets. A dinner for our handmade glory. Back to the hotel. 


Day 4: Fico Eataly World - Bologna (Central Sites)  

In the morning we will drive to the culinary park Fico Eataly World - a huge food complex set up by the Slow Food Italian movement with dozens of restaurants, street food stalls, food producers from all over Italy, shops and more. Instead, a surprise awaits us ... A course for making famous Emilia-Romagna lasagna. We will return to Bologna for a tour of Bologna's main sites of the capital of Emilia-Romagna. We will see the Patronio's Basilica, Piazza Majora and Piazza Netto with the beautiful fountain of the genius Giambolonia. We'll see Palazzo Comonella and Palazzo del Podesta, and enjoy the alleys of the city known for its leaning towers. Afternoon - Free time to enjoy the city center bustling with Italian shops and brands. In the evening we will have dinner at a typical local restaurant.


Day 5: Burgetto - Shopping Center - Milan 

This morning we will leave the area and head north to the stunning vineyards of VAL POLICELLA and to the enchanting town of BORGHETTO on the banks of the Minchu River. Getting into a dream and not wanting to get out of it ... We will continue to an amazing shopping center for a shopping experience before transferring back to Milan.

Culinary Trip in Reggio Emilia | Italy | Bologna | Parma

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