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How exactly did Pompeii ruin, how to make mozzarella cheese and what is the trantella dance?

Join us for a magical trip to Napoli


Time is TBD

Naples, Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy


About the Event

 Day 1: Naples - Caserta Palace 

After our arrival we will head towards the city of Caserta , to visit one of the most magnificent and impressive royal palaces ever erected in Europe. This majestic complex, which includes a palace and spacious gardens adorned with impressive fountains, was recognized a few years ago as a World Heritage Site. The inspiration for the palace and gardens was the Palace of Versailles in France. We will visit the palace in all its amazing and ornate rooms, and tour the marvelous gardens and the color-filled gardens and see the statues fountains that make scenes inspired by Greek mythology. Transfer to hotel in Salerno area. Dinner.


Day 2: Buffalo Farm and Mozzarella Dairy - Fastom - Waitri Sol Mara

The second morning of our trip we will spend a visit to the Buffalo Brewery and a local dairy where they make the famous mozzarella cheese , which is a very important ingredient in salads, pizzas, and any other local food. We will continue to visit Festum , an ancient Greek colony called Posadonia. We will see the temples, still standing, impressed by Neptune's temple to the sea, which is generationally built and well preserved. We will visit the local archaeological museum and marvel at the many finds discovered in excavations in the area and in particular the "jumping to the water" painting. We will continue to visit Vitri Sol Mara - the world-famous ceramic town in the colorful ceramic works. Back to the hotel. In the evening we will head to the nearby town of Cava di Tierney and take a stroll on the "Rainbow" pedestrian street and feel the southern vibe of the place. Dinner.


Day 3: Pompeii - Sorrento

Leaving our hotel this morning we will head for the excavations of the city of Pompeii (World Heritage Site) . We will tour the city covered with ash ash in 79 AD. Going back 2,000 years in the time tunnel and wandering the streets of the city, between shops, restaurants, bakery, mica for the rich and the bathhouse, we will not give up the famous and special local brothel. Transfer to hotel in Sorrento area. Take a stroll through its streets and enjoy the special atmosphere of it, we will see the lemon trees, taste the famous limoncello drink . We will tour the Piazza Tasso, watch over Sorrento's cliffs and wander the town's alleys. Dinner , followed by a typical Southern folklore performance with Tarantula music and Neapolitan dance (contingent on the performance on the specific date).


Day 4: Capri Island

We will spend the day at Capri Dream Island . Going to the big harbor, you will ascend to the town of Anna Capri from which a breathtaking view of Naples Bay opens. Rise through a cable car to the top of the sun, " Monte Solero", bordering the center of the island, with a spectacular view of the sea and the islands, free time to enjoy the picturesque alleys of the town and stroll along the shops and restaurants. Head down to Capri town for a visit to the  Augustus Gardens, and a wonderful view of the coastal cliffs. Stroll the special alleys and enjoy the abundance of galleries, boutiques, luxury stores and cafes. After the visit we will return to Naples. Back to the hotel. Dinner.


Day 5: The Amalfi Coast: Positano - Amalfi - Ravello

A day along the Amphitheater coastline . We will explore the hanging cliffs and winding roads on the way to view the picturesque and colorful town Positano. We will continue to the magical fishing town of Amalfi , touring the main square, see the duomo standing at the top of an impressive high staircase, and learn about the important maritime power of the city where the compass was invented. We will continue to the town of Ravello , visit Villa Chimbrone, which is surrounded by manicured gardens and with a breathtaking view. Transfer to hotel in Naples and dinner .


Day 6: Naples - Archaeological Museum - Flavishito Square, Umberto Gallery

In the morning, we will visit the Archaeological Museum, which contains a rich and fascinating collection of excavating finds from Pompeii and Herculaneum. We will see the Farnese collection, one of the most important collections of Greek and Roman sculpture in the world. We'll find out what they hid in the 'secret room' which was forbidden to the public for many years. After lunch, we will continue to tour a cluster of sites located between the Old Town and the seaside, around the 'new fortress' Castel Nuovo. We will see the Opera House Teatro San Carlo, one of the oldest public theaters in Europe, enters a gallery named Galeria Umberto I, built of metal and glass, we will reach Piazza del Plebiscito Square, which faces the Royal Palace - the Palace of the Bureau Rulers, Palazzo The circular church, covered with a dome (Chiesa di San Francesco di Paola), which appears to be a small replica of the Pantheon in Rome. Free time for the Neapolitan Cafe at the prestigious Gamberinus Cafe. Back to the hotel and dinner.


Day 7: Underground Naples - Tasting Tour - Naples Spacka

Let's start the day with a trip to Napoli Sotterranea: a whole rock-hewn world that stretches for many miles and includes a branched network of canals, tunnels and reservoirs. A small part of this branch system was researched, excavated and trained for tourist visits. We will continue our tasting tour - Street Food   in the heart of Naples, along the bustling and vibrant Spaccanapoli main street. We'll have the best pizza in town, taste a variety of typical Neapolitan fries, and take in an incredible Napolitan meal with strong coffee to finish. We will continue to tour the Spaca Naples area with unique churches, palaces, squares and alleys. Free time for shopping on the city's main street - Via Toledo. Back to the hotel. Dinner.


Day 8: Naples

Morning transfer to Roma airport.

Napoli and Amalfi Dream | Italy

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