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Apulia, located at the 'heel' at the end of the Italian boot, is a fascinating and unique culinary, historical and artistic destination.


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Apulia, Apulia, Italy


About the Event

 Day 1: Naples - Castel del Monte

This morning we will drive from Roma to Naples. After landing we will go east to sabotage Apulia visiting Castel del Monte Castel del Monte , "Castle Mountain" - also called "Apollo's stone crown." A symbol of Frederick II's vast construction plant in southern Italy. Built in octagonal shape with eight towers, located in a remote location and its purpose is not clear to date. After our visit we will continue to our hotel in Alberobello. Dinner.


Day 2: Matara - Alberobello In the morning we will go to the Basilicata, city tour Matera Matera. The city's uniqueness - hundreds of caves where people lived until the mid-20th century as well as rock-cut churches. Rise to a spectacular view of the city and descend to visit the alleys and caves of the Sassi neighborhoods - spread across the city slopes and containing thousands of caves with stone facades. We will continue to the modern part of the city for a visit to the local museum where the paintings of the Jewish painter and physician Carlo Levy are displayed. We will spend the afternoon at Alberobello , the capital of the land of trolls ( Terra dei Trulli)Armed with quaint structures typical of the area - circular structures, with cone roofs, and decorated with folk motifs. We will learn about the nature of these unique buildings, some of which are still used for residences, museums, restaurants and even churches. Dinner followed by a typical polyphonic folklore show.


Day 3: Ostuni - Local Farm (Masseria) - Lecce

This morning we will go to Ostuni ( Ostuni) , the beautiful white towns of southern Apulia, great views of thousands of olive trees on the background of the Adriatic Sea . We will continue to a local farm for a tour and meal of the farm products and grows. Continue south to Lecce (Lecce) , also known as "baroque capital of Puglia, or the" Florence of the South ". We will tour the Old City, the square of St. Aorontzo ( Sant 'Oronzo ), which seems to be the remains of a Roman amphitheater and Hsdilh ( Sedile ) - Yet century city Council - 16 viewed Basilica of Santa Krotz'h ( Santa Croce ) striking façade is the architectural splendor "Baroque Hltz'zi." We will continue to the cathedral square  ( Piazza Duomo) , Which is one of the most beautiful squares in southern Italy, surrounded by the magnificent facades of the church, the bishop's palace and the seminary building. Transfer to Belcha Hotel. Dinner.


Day 4: Otranto - Santa Maria - Santa Maria di Leuca

Today it will be dedicated to the Salanto area - Malche and the south. We will go to Old Town Aotranto ( Otranto ) , the most easterly settlement in Italy. We will stroll around the seafront, with a Norman cathedral centered on a rare mosaic floor. We will continue to visit the seaside town of Santa Maria to his sons, where an exciting story of Jewish displaced people who stayed here after the Second World War occurred and, in memory of the period, a small museum was established in the town. We will continue driving south to Santa Maria di Leuca town which sits literally "in the boot of the boot". Back to the hotel and dinner.


Day 5: Polignano A. Mara - Bari

Let's start our day in town Foliniano A'marh (Polignano A Mare) is situated on a cliff high above the beach and clear blue sea. We will see the ancient city gate, Vittorio Emanuele Square with its impressive clock, its staircase with singing verses, and the observation terraces that open towards the sea. In the afternoon we will find out about Barry - the capital of Puglia, an important port and trading town, the ancient part of which maintains a distinctive medieval character. We will tour the picturesque alleyways, impressed by the huge fortress that weakened the entrance to the city, the famous basilica of which remains the remains of San Nicolas, the patron saint of the city, and the extensive plazas and numerous cafés and restaurants. Transfer to hotel in the Bariarea. Dinner.


Day 6: Trani - San Giovanni Rotondo - Vista

In the morning we'll Tran ( T rani ) , a fishing town located on the shores of a beautiful bay. We will visit the wonderful Romanesque cathedral by the sea, considered to be the most beautiful of Polia's rival churches, and learn about Polia Jewry, of which Strani was one of its centers . We will continue to the town of San Giovanni Rotondo ( San Giovanni Rotondo ), which worked and was buried in the Franciscan Padre Fio (1968-1887), who became a pilgrimage site right masses of believers. At the end of our visit, we will arrive at our hotel in the Wieste area for dinner.


Day 7: Cruise along the shores of the Gargano - Foresta Umbra - Naples

The diary opens a cruise (if sea conditions allow) the caves and pecked waves generated by the white cliffs of Hgargano. Water Caves reflected blue light - turquoise, creating spectacular light and shadow games, which along with rock formations in the caves have given different names, such as Cave bell, Cave of the two eyes, pigeons Grotto, Cave of the sirens, the Cave of dreams, and more. we will continue to forest Umbra    Foresta Umbra - one forests ancients only ones left in Italy. impressed from the nature of this unique and we will track walk the woods. we continue driving towards Naples . transfer to the hotel and dinner evening.


Day 8: Naples - Roma

Morning transfer to Roma airport.

The Magic of Puglia (Apulia) | Italy

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