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A special trip dedicated to the Friuli Giulia region of northeastern Italy. We will stroll through the lofty landscapes of the Prioly Alps, the hills and vineyards of the Colio district, the art cities of Trieste, Odina, Aquila, Grado and Spilimbergo

Time & Location

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Venice, Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy

About the Event

Day 1: Venice - Trieste 

Gathered all up, we will head to the capital of Friuli County, the city of Trieste, where we spend the first two days of the trip. We will visit San Giusto Hill, where the Roman remains of the city were exposed, we will see the cathedral and the square where the first Jewish ghetto was built. Transfer to hotel. Dinner.


Day 2: Trieste - Miramara Castle

 Today it will be dedicated to Trieste, which served as the main port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. From the port of Trieste, many Jews sailed to Eretz Israel or America and it was called the Gate to Zion. In Trieste, the most Austrian city in Italy, we will visit the Great Synagogue, take a stroll along the great canal in Borgo Terziano, continue on to the Exchange Square and end at Union Square Piazza unità d'italia that opens to the sea. After a free lunch, we will visit the Castello di Miramare Castle, built in the 19th century for the first Archimilian Archangel who did not enjoy it for too long. We will visit the castle and gardens surrounding it. Back to the hotel in Trieste. Dinner.


Day 3:  Rilke Promenade - Aquilea - Grado - Odina This morning we said goodbye to Trieste and took the Sentiero Rilke Trail - a two-mile walk in a natural grove overlooking the Bay of Trieste and Duino Castle, in which poet Rainer Maria Rilke wrote two of the ten Euino Euines. After a free lunch, we will visit one of the most fascinating sites in Friuli, located in the archaeological site of Aquileia Aquileia, where we will see the enormous 4th-century mosaic floor preserved in the Santa Maria Asunta Basilica from ancient Christian mosaics. The mosaic in Italy, transfer to the hotel in Udine and dinner.


 Day 4: Odina - Culio Wine Region - Chividella di Friuli

 This morning will be dedicated to the tour followed by painter Tippolo Tiepolo in Udine. Let's start at the cathedral, visit the Oratorio della Purita and end at the Taipolo Gallery in the Bishop's Palace. We will continue on to Piazza Liberta, which is dominated by the Venetian Loja and the Clock Tower, and will end at Piazza San Giacomo, the city's vibrant heart, bounded by a perfect setting of cafes, houses and palaces from various periods. In the afternoon we will head to the Colio Colio wine region, visit a local winery and taste. We will continue on to the view from the Rosazzo Abbazia di Rosazzo Monastery and end the day at Cividella del Friuli Cividale del Friuli, founded by Julius Caesar and became the first capital of the Lombardy Duchy of Italy in the 6th century. Back to the hotel in Udine and dinner. 

 Day 5: Venetus - the Carinthian Alps: Sotrio - Mount Zonkolen We will open the day with a visit to Bonzone Venzone, a city that was devastated by the earthquake in 1976 and reconstructed precisely which has become a model of urban restoration. We will continue to the Carnia district of Historic Land in the Alps in northwest Friuli. We will tour the famous village of Sutrio in his woodwork. We will go for a joint lunch at Monte Zoncolan Mountain. Back to the hotel in Udine and a free dinner at the Friuli Doc Culinary Festival. 


 Day 6: Julian Alps: Borgo Lucari - Posina Lakes Today it will be dedicated to the Julian Alps. In the morning we will climb the cable car to the village of Borgo Lusari Borgo Lussari, which in the Middle Ages became an important pilgrimage site, from which we will make an incredible view of the Alps. We will continue to the Lagho di Fusine lakes with the special turquoise color and sit down for a shared lunch over it. We will end on a short tour around the lake. Back to the hotel in Udine and a free dinner at the Friuli Doc Culinary Festival. 


 Day 7: Spilimbergo Mosaic School - Lake Brachis - Venice In the morning we will leave Odina and head to the town of Spilimbergo Spilimbergo, where the Scuola Mosaicisti del friuli mosaic school is located - an amazing place that mosaic artists from all over the world. We will explore the classrooms and learn about the unique technique with which they created the wonderful mosaics hanging on the school walls, which made it a museum in its own right. At noon we will ascend to Lake Barchis and take (if weather permits) a tour with a small train that will take us to the spectacular Forina del Cellina Mall. In the afternoon we will arrive at our hotel in the center of the picturesque town of Sacile Sacile, with water canals surrounding its ancient center.  Dinner. 



Venice and Friuli venezia Giulia

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